What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a chemical treatment that leaves your brows softer than ever before. The point is to make them easy to manage and leave them with a stylish finish that lasts for weeks. This is a highly simplistic explanation, but it is actually more complicated. Book your next premium lash lamination treatment with Ombré Beauty and we won’t just carry out near perfect application, but we can also explore luscious lash treatments that could enhance your experience. We offer a keratin brow fusion treatment that takes the entire process to a whole new level. Before we get into anything else, let’s take it back to basics when it comes to brow lamination. 

How does lash lamination work?

Your natural brow hairs will be painted with a keratin-enriched lifting formula that breaks down the natural structure of the existing structure. This is why lamination is effective even on the most stubbornly thick brows because it starts at the root of your brow structure. This softens every fibre of your brows in order for them to be easily brushed and set into desired shapes. The upward, outward brushing motion we use as the formula is applied is what gives the illusion that your brows are suddenly thicker and longer after they are set in place. After the setting process, we will apply restorative products best suited for you to calm the skin and enrich your brows. If you are interested, we can also do a quick brow shaping afterwards to give your brows even more definition. All of this shouldn’t take more than an hour to do but you can expect the effect to last for as much as 8 weeks in ideal applications. 

Is brow lamination the same as lash lift?

Both our keratin brow fusion treatments and our long-lasting lash lifts will help you achieve a shape that looks fuller and more defined than before. In that way, yes, these treatments are similar because they aim to achieve the same goal. Brow lamination restructures the brow hairs to manipulate them into much more attractive and manageable shapes. They are perfect for our clients who naturally have thinning or irregular brow patterns. The treatment is a guaranteed way to achieve a groomed, brushed-up look. Lash lifts are similar, but they aim to create a singular shape and it is much more temporary than brow lamination. Lash laminations aim to give your natural hairs a nice shape upward and a realistic curl. Brow lamination is much more of an exciting option because you can explore many shapes and even create something brand new that wasn’t there before. 

What happens during a brow lamination treatment?

One of Ombré Beauty’s dedicated brow shaping artists will start by creating an outline of the shape we want and clean up the stray hairs around the brow to start with a fresh canvas. We will then carefully apply the keratin straightening formula to your brows to do the work of setting that shape in while enriching the hairs. Your brows will be combed outwards and upwards, but it will be done to such a meticulous standard that the brow technician will work to move individual hairs into the right place. As soon as the shape is perfected, down to each individual strand, we will apply a setting product to fix the hairs into their new place. We just need you to sit tight for a couple of minutes after that and then you can say hello to your new brows. Benefits of this treatment include:

  • The perfect way to set the desired brow shape in place 
  • Immediately achieve thicker looking eyebrows 
  • A non-invasive method of brow enhancement with no needles or pain involved
  • Very little maintenance is required and not as permanent as microblading

Do I need brow tint after lamination?

Ombré Beauty is also highly experienced in brow tinting treatments and these can add to the look of laminated brows. The brow lamination does the work of shapeshifting, and the brow tint will fluff up the hairs to make them look more natural. Patchy or thinning eyebrows can benefit from this combo of treatments because it adds thickness while also filling in any areas of concern. Depending on your unique skin and brow texture, it may not be a good idea to do the two at the same time. It may require that you wait a week in between treatments but we can discuss all your options if you reach out to us.

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