How long do henna brows last?

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We know for a fact that you’ve heard of henna before and when you do, you think of beautifully intricate designs painted on the skin. The ingredients in henna dye stain the skin and offer darkening effects over some time due to oxidation. Henna dye is now being used as a safe, natural product for brow colouring. Other brow colouring treatments have some chemicals mixed into the formula, but henna brow products comprise natural plant-based ingredients. The benefits of professional henna brow dyes will really amaze you but one of the best things about them is that it lasts much longer than your average brow tint. 

Does henna brows last longer than tint?

Henna brow dyes can last twice as long as brow tint but there are so many more benefits to choosing this option for your next brow enhancing treatment. Unlike typically used chemical-based tints that may have drying reactions depending on your skin type, henna coats the hair locking in moisture to keep the fibres healthy and hydrated which is the perfect stimulant for growth. Henna is also more effective at giving your brows a fuller look because it stains the skin beneath the brows for up to a week with the tint lasting on the eyebrows for 6-8 weeks. This is much longer than traditional tints that only last around 4 weeks.

How long does henna brow dye last?

Even though we’ve given you a 6 to 8-week estimate earlier in this guide, this is only in ideal situations. It all depends on the client’s skin type and how the brow hairs naturally grow out. Henna dye, and any other brow colouring treatment, do not last long if constantly exposed to moisture. That means that clients with oily complexion or those in humid climates will experience shorter periods of high pigmentation. 

How often should you get henna brows done?

Henna brow dye is much longer lasting than traditional brow tint methods but they still fall into the same semi-permanent category and that means you’ll need touch-ups. This is because you can expect the colour to fade over time and it may be quicker for some due to some factors we’ve already touched on. The henna will stick to the skin for four to seven days before it starts fading but it is sure to stay on the brows for over a month. To maximise the longevity of the colour vibrance, you’ll need to take care with any creams or moisturizers that you use near your brows. Especially that advanced age-reversing or scrubbing products because they penetrate the skin at the same level as the henna. These products speed up the process of skin shedding its outer layers which will quickly minimise how long the stain stays on your skin.

Henna Brow Aftercare 

There are many more easy aftercare instructions to follow, and we can share them all in an all-in-one brow makeover appointment. But the most important tips we can give you, are related to how you treat your brows straight after we complete the treatment because this is the critical stage for ensuring that the dye sets into the hairs and skin. In the 24- to 48-hour period, and that means at least two days afterwards, you need to protect your brow area from friction, moisture, and anything else disruptive. Avoid direct contact with water, steams, and heat. That maybe means holding off on a super-hot shower, leaning over the pots while you cook or an intense workout that leaves your brow sweaty. This will cause the henna to come off earlier than it should and that’s the opposite of what we want after you’ve spent time, money and hopes on the journey to more stunning brows. When it comes to how often you should pop back in for a touch-up, we suggest doing so every 3 weeks or so to avoid a situation where the henna fades out completely which can be quite jarring. 

What is the difference between henna brows and microblading?

These two brow treatments are worlds apart, but you should give us a call and you may discover that one is better for you than the other. Henna brows are a natural and non-permanent eye-brow treatment but the application of professionally done microblading is much more permanent. They both are a means to implant pigment into the skin, but one is much more invasive than the other. There is also a significant difference in price and the application process.

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