Which eyebrow shaping method is best?

The shape of your eyebrows is actually one of the things about you that are immediately recognizable. While the colour and shape of your eyes are already flawless, the way that the hair grows out of your brows isn’t always the most flattering thing. Makeup artistry and techniques also heavily rely on the shape of your eyebrows and many experts across the world would agree that they do set the tone for how the brush will dance across your face. Thankfully, professional eyebrow shaping doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can be achieved in many ways. Symmetry is also easy to achieve but it is about navigating distinctive shapes to find the one that perfectly complements your facial features. 

Typical brow shaping methods

This is one of the oldest, but most trusted, ways of quickly removing large amounts of unwanted hair. Modern waxing formulas also have skin-soothing properties. Waxing is brilliant for clients with stubborn brow hairs that are also known to grow very quickly because it pulls strands out from the root. Waxing also usually happens in defined patterns and lines which is perfect for achieving a uniform brow shape. 

Sometimes, the issue behind brow shaping isn’t about too much brow hair. There may be too little brow hair in some areas creating patches or uneven shapes. Adding colour can really help to create a defined brow shape treatment. We will apply an eyebrow-safe semi-permanent dye to the area and afterwards, you will end up with a vibrant depth and darkness to the brow

  • Tweezing and threading

These are both techniques where we yank out the hairs individually using different tools. Tweezers for tweezing and a piece of thread for threading. These methods of brow shaping are very precise because they target singular hair fibres to deliver on much more detailed work. We can define the brow shape more intricately than waxing alone.

Tame those bushy eyebrows or just give the illusion of a thicker texture with this modern brow shaping treatment. Ombré Beauty uses a formula which combines pure keratin and amino acids to perform this treatment. After one session of our skilful lash and brow lamination procedures, we will lift your natural texture to something much more elegant. The keratin brow fusion technique also works well for not so wild lashes to make them appear longer and fuller. Ombré Beauty’s keratin treatment formula is also great for strengthening your brow hair which makes it grow back faster, thicker, and longer than ever before.

How to shape eyebrows

We can start by telling you that your brows do not have to be completely identical. There also isn’t just one way to make all our brows meet a certain standard of beauty. That’s the fun of brow work! We all have different eye shapes, jawlines and facial structures that make the journey of finding the perfect shape so much more fun. We always try to work you’re the natural shape of your brows but if they aren’t doing the work of highlighting your stunning cheekbones or almond-shaped eyes then something needs to be done. We’ll start by considering your face types and the shapes that come with them before achieving the most flattering brow re-work plan. There are a couple of trade secrets that make it easier for us to do what we want to do, and they include the following:

  • Oval faces are the best canvas for brow shapes because most of the typical shapes will suit you 
  • Square faces will need a balancing brow shape like something with a smooth arch to give the harsh lines softer dimensions.
  • Round faces would really benefit from brows that aren’t too thin or too thick 

How to find the best eyebrow shape for me?

As soon as you head into a professional brow master’s shop, they will start by doing something called brow mapping. Brow mapping works with the angles on your face to find sweet spots for your perfect brow from inner points to tail-ends. Eyebrow mapping is a way of using your natural facial features to identify the three key parts of your brow. We will sit with you to see where the brow should begin, where it arches and where it should end. These are the fundamentals of a flattering brow. After we’ve found the perfect angles, we need to take into account the texture and hair density of your brows. There are different approaches for thick brows vs thin brows. Thicker brows have a messy and undefined shape, and this requires that we neaten up the lines to highlight the key mapped points for flattering brow shapes. 

Call Ombré Beauty and we’ll find your perfectly unique brow shape

All the information we’ve given in this blog isn’t very applicable to everyday life because not everyone has ideal eyebrows that are easy to deal with or face shapes that are perfectly in line with cut-out categories. This is why it is so important to consult with one of our experts and we can engage in something much more personal and perfectly designed for you. You may be tempted to pick up some tools and do this yourself, but we can guarantee that we can do it better for a fraction of the price and the effort. You may discover that you need more than just a wax, you may need that in conjugation with a colouring technique that is best suited to your needs and that’s what you’ll get with our Ombré Beauty Signature brow treatment. We will take the time to find what works to frame your eyebrows and tint them in a way that is uniquely flattering to your face. This is our signature treatment because it is durable but beautiful and something you can keep coming back for. The signature shaping technique won’t just clean up the lines, it will create dimension in lift and thickness that is perfect for you.

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