The Ombré Beauty Signature – Brow Shaping with Tint

This is our all-in-one brow kit for all our clients looking for colour and shape perfectly designed for them. We will take the time to find what works to frame your eyebrows and tint them in a way that is uniquely flattering to your face. This is our signature treatment because it is durable but beautiful and something you can keep coming back for. The signature shaping technique won’t just clean up the lines, it will create dimension in lift and thickness that is perfect for you. Tinting your eyebrows is also about careful customization and correcting any areas that need a bold pick me up. We use the best quality tint products to ensure that they last for a long time before you need a touch-up.

How long does the Ombré Beauty Signature last?

Like many of our other brow colouring treatments, the signature look will stay looking intact and beautiful for a couple of weeks to a month. That means a whole month of waking up to eyebrows that are perfectly done every single day without any work needed from your end. 

Ombré Beauty’s artistry guarantee

 We promise brow and makeup artistry that is high-quality and offers the longest-lasting wearability in the business. We guarantee to deliver the flawless application with colour that is radiantly custom matched to your unique skin tone.

Keratin Brow Fusion with Brow Shaping

Keratin Brow Fusions are similar to lash lifts because they work perfectly on stubborn or bushy eyebrows that could benefit from a semi-permanent straightened finish. Tame those bushy eyebrows or just give the illusion of a thicker texture with this modern brow shaping treatment. Ombré Beauty uses a formula which combines pure keratin and amino acids to perform this treatment. After one session of our skilful lash and brow lamination procedures, we will lift your natural texture to something much more elegant. The keratin brow fusion technique also works well for not so wild lashes to make them appear longer and fuller. Ombré Beauty’s keratin treatment formula is also great for strengthening your brow hair which makes it grow back faster, thicker and longer than ever before. Our brow specialists provide lasting quality results, and this is a fantastic alternative for clients not yet ready for more permanent solutions. It’s also great for men and women looking for a natural brow thickening treatment. And there’s virtually no after-care required! Once we’re done, you can enjoy your beautifully laminated brows for as long as two months at a time.

Ombré Beauty Lash Lamination Guarantee

With our extensive experience and equipped with the best precision products, we can guarantee treatments that will last. Eliminating the frustrating guesswork on your end.

Brow Colour (Tint)

Ombré Beauty’s approach to brow colouring includes systematic colour matching with the best products on the market. The journey to perfectly coloured brows starts with dyeing your eyebrow hairs and some of the skin underneath. The tints are made up of a semi-permanent dye, very similar to hair dye but much less harsh. A subtle brow tint is all you need to really make your brows bolder, improve the colour and give the illusion of thickness. The tinting process is quick, painless and can last for a very long time if you take care when washing your face straight afterwards.

Brow tints are one of our most popular treatments, so we have trained our staff to deliver on extremely quick and effective techniques. All you have to do is sit back in one of our chairs and enjoy the results of the most precise and neat finish. Believe us here at Ombré Beauty — once you try our iconic tints, you won’t go back!

How Long Does Brow Tint Last?

This question is highly dependent on how your natural brows grow and shed over time. Tints won’t last for long on brows that grow quickly but everyone has their own natural cycle of hair growth. The colour will fade slightly over time but there is no need to worry! Simply schedule a touch up with us whenever you need it and we’ll return the colour to radiance. Check our Brow Tint & Lash Tint Treatment.

Hybrid Dye (Not Tint)

Ombré Beauty is on the cutting edge of brow shape and colouring techniques. Hybrid Dye for your brows is a new and improved method of colouring your brows by using an innovative gel dye that offers similar-long lasting effects to Henna but half the application time. The colour quality is brilliant and can be applied to any skin type and matched to any skin tone. Similarly, to henna, this dye technique has a small number of set colours, but they can be mixed together to come up with a completely unique colour for you. This style of dye is also versatile enough to work for lash colour treatments available to you at Ombré Beauty. Our procedure for hybrid dye also includes careful mapping to ensure your brows are the ideal shape for your face. After we’ve applied the gel, it only needs to be set for ten or twenty minutes before we wipe it away to reveal your new brows. 

Is Hybrid Dye better than Brow Tint & Brow Henna?

Yes, but it is also much more permanent and a little more costly. The colour is intense and the vibrance will last for many weeks at a time. The main bonus of choosing hybrid dye over the other options is that you can achieve a natural-looking brow after just 10 minutes of setting the formula. Check our Hybrid/Henna Brow Treatment.

Henna Brow Colour

Excellency in brow shaping and colouring is our game and that means we invest in all methods to offer our clients premium offerings. Henna brow colour is for clients that want something more long-lasting than our stunning brow tinting work. Henna comes in a couple of different colours but can be mixed to offer many more stain variations. Henna stains the skin and hair at a much deeper level and that means you can enjoy colour vibrance for twice as long if not longer. Our henna tints are non-toxic and do not contain any harsh chemicals to develop the eyebrow colour and that means it is safe for everyone to use. Even clients concerned with the thinness of their brows can trust that there won’t be any damage done.

Brow Tint vs Henna?

Both are excellent investments if you choose the brow brains at Ombré Beauty, however, they do offer two different experiences. Both in the treatment, we deliver on instore and in the aftercare. Henna is sure to last much longer than regular brow tint. The brow tint formula does also have skin staining abilities, but they fade much quicker than henna. Henna is an excellent solution for clients who aren’t quite ready to commit to something as permanent as microblading and other permanent makeup work.

Men’s Eyebrows

Gentleman – you’re welcome to the Ombré Beauty family because it’s your turn to be pampered with our wide range of brow treatments developed especially for men. We can neaten and shape your brows to give you our signature brow treatment. We know exactly what is required to tame the biggest and bushiest brows to those already used to the designer treatment. Our pricing is very affordable at $38 for a basic treatment and only ten more for a tint. Brow tints can help to cover up any patches or stubborn greys in your brow. Give us a call to book your next treatment and we promise to make you a loyal believer in our handiwork and expert service.

We know how difficult brow management can be for the guys and they more often than not, need more frequent and specialised skills to keep them looking perfectly trim. Manicured brows can really change the frame of your face for the better and it’s the perfect way to deal with those stray hairs that bother you every so often. Our tints are designed to last and even help thin brows look thicker for longer. Try one of our packages and you can enjoy a more inclusive pamper appointment with one of our excellent brow artists. Try our Male Brow Wax Treatment.

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