Lash Colour

Lash colour is a cosmetic treatment that enhances the colour of your eyelashes by applying a semi-permanent dye. It is a popular option for individuals who have light-coloured lashes and want to make them appear darker and more defined. The process is simple and takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. A patch test is done before the treatment to ensure that the client is not allergic to the product. It is applied using a small brush and left on for a few minutes before being removed. The results of lash tinting are semi-permanent and typically last for a few weeks. It can be repeated after the tint has faded to maintain the desired colour. 

Treatment time – 20 mins
Cost – $30

Benefits of Lash Colour

As professionals at Ombré Beauty, we can tell you that lash colour can offer a variety of advantages for our clients seeking to enhance their natural eyelashes. 

  • One of the key advantages is that it can assist in giving the appearance of darker, fuller lashes without the necessity of using eye makeup or everyday mascara. This can save time and effort, and it can also be advantageous for individuals who have thin or light-coloured lashes because it can make them look more defined and prominent. It can also aid in brightening and opening up the eyes, which can improve facial features and offer a more youthful appearance. 
  • Another benefit of lash colour is that it can be a great option for those who want to change their eye colour without the need for contact lenses. We offer a range of colours that can be used to create a subtle or dramatic change depending on the desired look. This is a great way for our clients to experiment with different eye colours and enhance their natural beauty. 
  • It is also a great option for people who have allergic reactions to mascara or other eye makeup, as it eliminates the need for daily application. We use safe and high-quality products that are gentle on the eyes and will not cause irritation or allergic reactions.

At Ombré Beauty, we always recommend our clients schedule an appointment to consult with one of our experienced beauticians before making any decision, to ensure that they are getting the best treatment that suits them and their needs. 

Tips for Maintaining the Color

Lash colour is a popular way to add volume and depth to your natural lashes. However, maintaining the colour of these lashes can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help prevent fading and keep your lashes looking fresh and vibrant. 

  1. Avoid using oil-based products on or around your lashes. Oil can break down the colour pigments in the lashes, causing them to fade faster. 
  2. Use a gentle, oil-free makeup remover to remove eye makeup. This will help preserve the colour of your Ombré lashes. 
  3. Avoid exposing your lashes to chlorine, salt water, and other chemicals. These can cause the colour to fade or change. 
  4. Be gentle with your lashes when cleaning or brushing them. Use a soft-bristled brush to detangle and smooth them, and avoid pulling or tugging on the lashes. 
  5. Avoid sleeping on your face, as this can cause the lashes to rub against your pillow and potentially cause the colour to fade. 
  6. Use a lash sealant or a clear coat of mascara to help lock in the colour and extend the life of your lashes. 

Professional Lash Colour Service

Lash colour is a popular trend in the world of lashes, and it’s easy to see why. The natural gradient effect mimics the way that natural lashes grow, giving your lashes a more natural look compared to a solid block of colour. Not only that but the colour and intensity of the gradient can be customized to suit your individual preferences, allowing you to create a unique look that complements your natural lashes. 

Our semi-permanent dye can last for several weeks, gradually fading over time and requiring touch-ups to maintain your desired look. Our professional lash colour service uses safe and specially formulated products and we perform patch tests to ensure that you are not allergic to the product. We provide you with a precise and accurate result that can’t be achieved by doing it yourself. 

Book an appointment with us today and experience the difference between Ombré Beauty’s professional lash colour service. 

Use our convenient online booking system to book your next lash colour appointment. If you’d like to know more about any of our other services, don’t hesitate to contact us today! 

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